Quarter 1 2008

We continued modelling in the Spring, focusing on completing buildings. Paul started work on the Central Hotel but owing to a confusion with drawings, the first version was slightly overscale. Despite this delay he has now made a start on the correctly scaled building (note: this was Steve’s fault!). He also continues rewheeling trucks and is now working on the more recalcitrant locomotives.

Steve has continued adding to the last six buildings on Susquehanna street, completing the building started by Alisdair and fixing all six to perspex bases. This last is so that they can be removed in transit as some sit over baseboard joints. O-scale paving slabs were individually cut and mounted (see 1st picture) to give a fairly good representation of the paving slabs seen in photos of the period.

Steve also experimented with Brass etching to prepare a revised set of windows for the Iron Works and used the spare space to make sash windows for the next Susquehanna street block of apartments. The Iron works certainly looks a lot better.

When not working on the station, Chris has been carving the war memorial based on a set of scaled photos – both period and current. In the photo (L) Ian is working behind Chris.

Chris carried on with the Station building adding the roofing beams and then the roof. Getting the line of the roof over the change of direction of the platform awning proved a challenge! The roof was initially painted for the current roofing colors, but will be repainted grey soon to match the roofing of the late 40s.

Chris and Steve bought BLI Mikados on eBay with the intention of modifying them to M3s. To their surprise and delight, both have sound chips and the result is far more pleasing to the ear than the F3A and B purchased last autumn.

The station was placed on the layout for the Spring Open Day in early April and really added a lot to the overall impression. I think we are beginning to see how the final layout might look, although still a long way to go.

To our great pleasure, Dave Williams joined the group in February (photo left). He was a club member many years ago and is again starting up with the hobby as he has now retired (and done the obligatory DIY at home!). Welcome Dave. He is working up to modelling the petrol station and associated buildings on the front side of Susquehanna Street.

The final set of photos show the layout at the Spring Open Day – as usual with some slightly non-prototypical stock running!