Quarter 2 2008

We continued modelling in the early Summer, continuing with completing buildings. Paul is still re-wheeling box cars and has managed to get our 4-8-0 running smoothly and is now working on the more recalcitrant locomotives.

Steve has pretty well completed the next building on Susquehanna Street making good use of the brass etched windows and has now started on the last – the end is in site.

Steve used brass etching to prepare all the windows, doors and archways for the Freight house which Chris has moved on to having completed the Station. Some additional architectural details were also etched for use to detail the other Susquehanna Street buildings.

When not working on the station, Chris has been carving the war memorial. He has now finished this (note the statue was modified from a plastic one) but with the statue facing slightly towards the front of the model – artistic licence!