Our Model


Like nearly all models built in the UK, our HO model of Mauch Chunk, PA is built on portable baseboards. We have mounted these on removable legs to make it easier to transport to Model Railway Exhibitions. See the progress, exhibition (and project – on the old site) pages for photos and modelling activity.

p-2015-11-014We got into modeling the CNJ because Eugene Mones, an ex-work colleague of mine (in Unilever / Lever Bros.), who I knew from trips to Edgwater, NJ, retired to live with his daughter near Jim Thorpe and I visited him there in about 1998. We in turn visited old Mauch Chunk and I took some photos and bought some postcards.  About five years later when our group in the UK were looking for a new modeling project, I suggested Mauch Chunk as the scenery is ideal for a model.  At that stage we though it was LV, but being CNJ has proved even more interesting. I think I am getting a little obsessed by it now!  Two of the other modellers have since then visited Jim Thorpe on vacations. Tragically, Eugene Mones passed away in August 2014.

p-2015-11-016There has been very little compression in the central part of the Track Plan and so the model closely resembles the prototype. All buildings have been scratch built to resemble the prototypes as closely as possible. Go to the Mauch Chunk Buildings page to access HO-scale plans of the buildings. We have now made a substantial collection of representative locomotives and other stock that would have been operating in the 1940s and1950s on the CNJ in Mauch Chunk, PA.

We’re building to the standard NMRA wheel profile and are using Peco code 75 track – operation uses DCC (currently NCE) and computer controlled (Big Bear software) switches.

Phase 2; Spring 2013 to Summer 2016: Doug, Gordon and I (at the Merseyside MRS clubrooms) embarked on an expansion plan in 2013 to put in a new staging yard with twice as many roads, longer switches and larger radius end curves that took all our rolling stock – including double-enders pulling passenger cars! Sadly because of a cancellation of an exhibition invite the layout was never exhibited in this format but was run extensively in the clubrooms.

Phase 3; Autumn 2016 on: The staging yard has now been left at the Merseyside Model Railway Society for a new HO layout. A replacement staging yard is being built to a high standard at the Barrowmore Model Railway Group by Richard, Gavin, Dave and I (so far). Further modifications are planned to the front to make it even more like the prototype – exhibitions are being booked!

Steve – March 2017