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Forthcoming Exhibitions

Mauch Chunk has now attended two exhibitions since the move to Barrowmore MRG and construction of a new fiddle yard, lighting and other scenic modifications.

Mauch Chunk is available for two exhibitions a year from the end of 2018 and is now booked up until early 2021:


Model Rail Scotland – 22nd-24th February 2019 – Scottish Events Campus, Glasgow  G3 8YW

Warley National Model Railway Exhibition – 22nd-24th November 2019 – National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham  B40 1NT

The London Festival of Railway Modelling – 28-29th March 2020 – Alexandra Palace, London N22 7AY

Perth & District MRC – 27th-28th June 2020 – The Dewars Centre, Glover Street, Perth PH2 0TH

Spalding MRC – 6th-7th November 2021 – Springfields Event Centre, Camelgate, Spalding Lincolnshire  PE12 6ET

The “Train Show” at the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) National Convention – August 2022 –  Birmingham, UK (details to be confirmed)

Chiltern MRA 2018

Chiltern MRA – 13th/14th January 2018 – Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Lytton Way, Stevenage SG1 1LZ

We prepared the layout for this exhibition right up to the night before and beyond. All the pointwork has been rebuilt on the scenic section and all the track except 14 feet relaid. Much of the scenery has also been reworked and has been extended round the curve at the right hand end, as has the fascia – see the progress pages for more details.

Most notably, Richard finished the signal gantry built from a custom etch and on the Friday night he and Gavin got its 3-position semaphore working. We again used Big Bear and TeamViewer to control the layout from two laptops and introduced a tablet for additional control.

Once a few pointmotor niggles had been sorted in the fiddle yard, the layout ran exceptionally smoothly over the new track. We had a guest operator from the NMRA on the Sunday and he was most impressed. The crowd was good, especially on the Saturday, and reflected the very high quality of the show.

Again, steam power – mainly brass – was to the fore, as were brass double enders and babyfaces. There was particular interest in the camelbacks after the recent article in the January Continental Modeller.

Mauch Chunk showed its potential and was enjoyable to operate. The exhibition team was Steve Hales, Richard Oldfield, Gavin Liddiard, Mike Rapson, Kevin Bays and Philip Sutton. Gareth Evans also helped out.

Claude Doussot took a video which he has kindly allowed us to post on YouTube – please click on the image below:


The photos show us packing the van and putting up the layout, as well as operating it and the fiddle yard – and of course lots of photos of the scenic section!

Chatham 2017

Chatham MRC – 3rd/4th June 2017 – The Victory Academy, Magpie Hall Road, Chatham ME4 5JB

This was Mauch Chunk’s first outing since 2011 and the first with operators from the Barrowmore club. More significantly, in the past six months, 13 of the 17 baseboards have been built from scratch as well as the lighting gantries and control system. This was also the first time we used Big Bear and TeamViewer to control the layout from two laptops.

Because of the high standards used in the Barrowmore club, the layout ran reliably and well and proved popular with the somewhat disappointingly sparse crowd. Over the course of the weekend, the Barrowmore ‘fettling’ table got ALL the locomotive stock running smoothly – the first time ever. The novice operators seemed to find the layout easy to operate on the whole and put on a good show.

As a result, steam power – mainly brass but including the two kitbashed mikados – was to the fore, as were brass double enders and babyfaces. Many plastic F3s, RS3s and several switchers were also in evidence. Everything on the layout was from the era between 1945 and 1955.

The exhibition team was Steve Hales, Richard Oldfield, Gavin Liddiard, Mike Rapson, Kevin Bays Gareth Evans and Dave faulkner.

This was a good start to Mauch Chunk’s new life as a Barrowmore layout and bodes well for the future – once the long fixing list is completed!

Mauch Chunk at Chatham on YouTube

photos by Richard Oldfied, Steve Hales and Continental Modeller

Warrington October 2011

This was Mauch Chunk’s second Exhibition with the Merseyside MRS team and the first off our home turf. We exhibited nearby (about 20 miles away) in Warrington at the Warrington MRS’ annual exhibition, making transport and organisation relatively easy.

The layout generally ran very well: Paul and Chris cleaned wheels all weekend and Ian cleaned the track almost continuously! Paul had modified the electrics over the year to separate the electrical supplies to the two sets of tracks, so that shorts only affect one track. He had also modified some kit built by another club member (Derek Jones) that enables us to run locos that draw more power. As a result disruptions from shorts and overloading the system were reduced. As well as our CNJ stock – brass and plastic – We again ran Paul’s Philadelphia F3s and our two BLI Mikados (hat have not yet been turned into CNJ M3s).

The sound-chipped Mikados and F3s proved very popular with all the visitors, not just the youngsters. The new lighting gantry designed and built by Chris, and allowing us to lose the central pillar (see the Merseyside MRS October 2011 exhibition photos) worked very well, and gave a clear panoramic view of the model. New fascia and pelmet improved the look considerably as well.

There are five of us now in the Mauch Chunk PA team – from L to R in both relevant photos: Chris Bennett, Gordon Young, Dave Williams, Steve Hales and Paul Rees – although we couldn’t coordinate a smile from all of us in a single photo! We were also ably helped out by Bob Powell from the club, Ian Clark who is ex-club and Nigel Baker who was visiting Steve.

Here’s a selection of photos of the layout over the Exhibition weekend. I’ve used a retouch tool to lose the baseboard joins so apologies to the purists – but they just look better.

Merseyside October 2010

For its first ever model railway exhibition outing, Mauch Chunk PA attended the Merseyside Model Railway Society exhibition – i.e. home turf.

On the whole the layout ran very well: Nearly every problem could be solved by cleaning track or wheels and Paul’s electrics proved robust and faultless. We inevitably ‘shorted’ the track many times by running into switches set the wrong way so Paul will modify the system to reduce this. We were running a number of non-CNJ locomotives (including some BLI Mikados that will be turned into CNJ M3s at some point).p-2010-11-ex-045

This is Chris and Steve being presented with the cup by the Chairman, Mike McManus, and a couple of photos of three of us (Chris, Steve & Paul) with the layout. Dave wasn’t present on the Sunday when the photo was taken.p-2010-11-ex-046

The sound-chipped Mikados and F3s proved very popular with the visitors and may have been the clincher in our winning the visitors’ cup for the public’s favourite layout (of 12) at the Exhibition! Here are some of the visitors enjoying the experience and lots of photos (probably a self-indulgent amount) of the layout over the Exhibition weekend – all mixed up! Note that the central support will be removed for future exhibitions and the backscene and associated buildings will be prepared anew.