Quarter 1 2005

Once again in the first quarter we are making good progress – once again it is mostly invisible! Paul with the help of Chris has been wiring the switches on the front of the layout. Steve has been finishing the magnets for automatic uncoupling.

Steve has also rebuilt the fourth building on Susquehanna Street (the previous version just wasn’t up to scratch). Chris has added the handrail to the bridge and Steve has rebuilt the wall between the road and railroad, and then painted and weathered it. The rock face behind is being started using rock moulds.

The photos show some of the CNJ rolling stock that we have now accumulated on our Open Day at the start of May. We now have F3s from Stewart (AB – tangerine & blue), Athearn (A – green and yellow), An RS3, SW9 and S1 and RS12 (the latter two not actually seen at Mauch Chunk) and an FM H15-44 in blue with tangerine stripes. You can also see the weathered coal hoppers (Steve’s) and the filled hoppers (Paul’s). None of our steam is running on this day.