Quarter 4 2007

We continued modelling in the Autumn (Fall) as before, focusing on completing buildings. These first photos show the layout at our Club Open Evenings in early December. The Athearn Genesis F3A/B unit in the foreground of the first photo has DCC sound – but without DCC the volume is loud and rather irritating after a full evenings operation!

Steve has continued working along Susquehanna Street and several more buildings are nearing completion using the perspex core technique previously described – although painting will now be left so that all can be painted and detailed together. Paul has also now finished the fire escape on the Hooven Mercantile building – which again needs painting.

Chris has continued with the marathon project of the station building making very extensive use of jigs – and including pre-printed windows (more successfully than on the Ironworks), brass tubing for platform shelter supports and the wooden core of the tower. The model is being built on a section of platform that will lift into a slot on the baseboard. All other work has been done with plasticard: