Moving – August 2010

Since May we have moved to new premises, still in Birkenhead, where we are fortunate to have our own room a little smaller than in our old premises. Despite this, progress is now good because we are committed to exhibit Mauch Chunk at our [end of] October Exhibition. Although it won’t be ‘finished’ it needs to be reasonably complete.

First the move. The layout was dismantled – this proved surprisingly easy and the boards were lighter than we expected which, as we are getting older, was a pleasant finding. Here it is in the original clubhouse prior to the move… …and in the new clubhouse afterwards before moving into our new room.

We (all) painted the walls and then started to clear the mess into the right rooms and then made ourselves at home. As there is now much less room we put shelves behind the layout for all the modelling tools and materials. Our pictures and plans are once again on the wall.

Everyone is lending a hand (Dave and Paul below) to work on the sidewalks and final bedding down of the buildings. Paul and Chris have also fixed the spur in front of the Hooven Mercantile building.